Dr. Henriette Lerner

Personal Information

Name: Henriette Lerner

Address: Graf-Ebersteinstraße 12, 76530 Baden-Baden

Country: Germany

Date of Birth: 05.05.1967

Phone: 0172 21363192

E-Mail: h-lerner@web.de

Homepage: www.hl-dentclinic.de

Languages: German / Romanian / Hungarian / English / Russian

Education and training

1985 – 1990

Doctor Medic. Stom.(D.M.D) University of Medicine, Temeschburg Faculty of Dentistry, Romania


1990 – 1993

Oral Surgery Training Fortbildung Academy, Karlsruhe, Germany



Training Harvard Week


DGZI Implantology Specialist



ICOI Diplomate


DGOI Implantology Expert

2006 – 2007

Postgraduate Training in Oral Surgery at the University of  Medicine und Farmacology “Carol Davila” Bucharest, Romania

Professional Life



Private Dental Practice – Implantology Periodontology and Esthetix Dentistry, Bruchsal, Germany                     

2000 – present

Teaching Experience              


Private Dental Practice in Baden-Baden, Germany


Director of the Study Club Northbaden DGOI Baden-Baden, Germany


Director of HL Dentclinic & Academy Baden-Baden, Germany


Director of Seattle Study Club, Baden-Baden, Germany


Researches and Development for Paltop and CTECH Implants, Devemed and KMIZ Dental Instruments


  • Advanced Techniques of Bone and Tissue grafting
  • Soft Tissue Management
  • Aesthetics and Function in Complex Implant Cases
  • Minimally Invasive Implantology
  • Digital Implantology


  • DGOI (German Society of Oral Implantology)
  • Founding Member and Director of the Study Club, Baden-Baden, Germany
  • Diplomate ICOI (International Congress of Oral Implantology)
  • EAO (European Association of Osseointegration)
  • BDO (Bundesverband Deutscher Oralchirurgen)
  • DGÄZ( Deutsche Geselschaft fur Aesthetische Zahnheilkunde)
  • DGZMK ( Deutsche Geselschaft fur Zahn, Mund und Kieferheilkunde)
  • AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry)
  • Editor advisor PIP (Prosthetic Implantology Paper) Germany
  • Board of Directors „Conflict and Dialogue“


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  • Implantology Journal – January 2004
  • Parameters of Aesthetics – Part 1 (German)
  • Factors Influencing the Preservation of Marginal Peri-Implant Bone Oral Implantology Journal of Oral Implantology – March 2006
  • Parameters of Aesthetics – Part 2 (German)
  • Factors Influencing the Preservation of Marginal Peri-Implant Bone Oral Implantology Journal of Oral Implantology – December 2006
  • Factors Influencing the Preservation of the Peri-Implant Marginal Bone. Implant Dentistry, Volume 16 No. 2/2007
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  1. Henriette Lerner, Jonas Lorenz, Robert Sader, Shahram Ghanaati. Two-Year Follow-Up Case Series of Periimplant Health and Periimplant Bone Stability After Immediate Implant Placement of a Newly Developed Bone Level Implant System -A First Report. EC Dental Science 4.5 (2016): 874-886.
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