“ I have learned that I still have a lot to learn “

Dr.Maya Angelou

Philosophy & Mission

to present, connect and follow the role models of our profession

to unlock human and professional potential of the female professionals,

to give wings to this generation with strong ideals and values

to help young female dentists to become leaders of their world.

• We are ready to employ our specialized knowledge at the highest level,
at all times, and to maintain these high expectations in all activities , toward colleagues
and patients.
• We are constantly developing professionally, staying up to date
with the newest theoretical and practical developments in the field to serve our patients
and the society.
• Corresponding to our ethical principles, we are welcoming and
treating our patients with utmost respect, having their interest
in the foreground at all times.
• Our desire to be “true physicians” means that the good of our
patients is our first and foremost objective.
• We work as a team, in an atmosphere of mutual friendship
and respectful cooperation. .