Farina Melanie Blattner

Personal Information

Name : Farina Melanie Blattner

Country: Germany

Education and training

08.1983 – 07.1987 Albrecht Dürer Elementary School Essen-Borbeck

08.1987 – 06.1996 town Essen-Borbeck high school for girls

Degree: General higher education entrance qualification

Vocational training:

09.1996 – 03.1999 Apprenticeship as a dental technician

Additional training as a business assistant

(Part IV of the master’s examination according to HWK)

05.1999 – 08.1999 Dentistry studies at the University of Regensburg

10.1999 – 12.2004 Dentistry studies at the University of Witten/Herdecke

Degree: State examination in dentistry

17.12. 2004 license to practice dentistry


2005- 07. 2005 Preparation/Relief Assistant in the

Dental practice Mrs. Dr. Keuthen-Surmund in Essen

2005- 06. 2006 Preparation/Relief Assistant in the

Group practice Dr. Klotz & Mrs. Dr. cook in Duisburg)

06.2006- 03.2007 Preparation/Relief Assistant in the

Dental practice Dr. Tiberius Blattner in Remscheid

04.2007- today relief assistant in the dental practice Dr. Peter Blattner

09.2010 Doctorate at the University of Marburg under the

Head of Prof. Dr. U. Lotzmann on the subject

“The correct condyle position with maximum occlusion – a historic one

and evidence-based consideration”.

11.2011- 04.2014 Postgraduate course Master of Science in Orthodontics

04.2014 Acquisition of the academic title “Msc. Orthodontics”

03.2017 founding member of the society Master of Science Orthodontics


03.2017 2nd Chairwoman of the Board GMSCKFO e.V.

06.2018 Management FUNDAMENTAL Remscheid

05.2019 Member of the Association of Female Dentists plus (professional policy)

02.2020 Delegates of the Dental Association of North Rhine

Teaching Experience

Activities as a freelance speaker (see detailed list of lecturing activities)

Since 2005 dental supervision of the seminar series PSK®- Dental prosthodontist im

Fundamental training center in Essen

Since 2007 Europe-wide qualification workshops and certification training for dentists

DIR® system

Since 2009 Chair of the Medical Advisory Board of the Society for Functional Diagnostics and

Therapy (DIR® GmbH & Co KG)

2011 Development of the clinical-manual functional diagnostics software FunktioCheckPro®

since 2005 advanced training series FUNDAMENTAL PSK® dental prosthodontists

Certification series Module 1+ 2 for the DIR® system

Authorization training for dental laboratories on the DIR® system

The DIR® helper

Since 2011 Curriculum “Functional diagnostics” Module 4: “Instrumental functional diagnostics im


Rothenburg a.d. Fulda 06/14/2007 DIR® annual event 2007

“Functional diagnostics on edentulous patients”

Zurich 03/01/2008 Zurich event

Rotterdam 13.06.2009 Dental Congress

“The DIR® system: Farewell to hand bite registration”

Vienna 04/10/2010 Lecture event on the DIR® system for dentists and dental technicians

Bremen 08.05.2010 2nd function forum

“Controlled studies on the subject of temporomandibular joint – does EbM help with therapy decisions?”

Marburg September 17, 2010 Dissertation defense/ doctoral examination

“The correct condyle position at maximum occlusion – a historical and evidence-based one


Hanover 09/17/2011 4th function forum

“Treatment success with certainty – the DIR® system as a practice concept.”

Dresden 05/12/2012 Individual lecture

“The clinical functional analysis and centric jaw relation determination with the DIR® system”

Düsseldorf 03/23/2012 5th function forum

“Function and aesthetics in a duet/ workshop for dental assistants”

2012 FUNDAMENTAL lecture series “Procedure and logic of dental functional diagnostics”

Berlin 09/19/2012 Bundeswehr hospital

“Scientific background and presentation of the DIR® concept”

Cologne 03/13/2013 IDS (Speakers Corner)

2State of the art functional diagnostics in everyday practice”

Magdeburg 04/10/2013 Dental technician guild Saxony

“German precision work – dental technology meets function”