Personal Information

Name                                     Patricia Uribe

Address                                 n.n.

Country                                 Colombia

Date of Birth                        n.n.

Phone                                    0057 3102480095

Mobil                                     0057 16217265





Languages                            English

Dr. Patricia Uribe

Professor of Aesthetics and Implantology in CIAEO

Education and training

1994                                      Doctor of dental surgery (DDS) Bogotá, Colombia

1997                                      Post Graduated in Esthetics and Oral Rehabilitation in NYU, New York

2001                                      Post Graduated in Prosthodontics, Universidad San Martin, Bogota, Colombia

2004                                      Post Graduated in Oral Implantologist, Escuela Superior de Implantología                                                 Oral, B.A. Argentina

Professional Life


2004 -2015                          Professor of Oral Implantologist, Universidad San Marin, Bogota,                                                                 Colombia

2008 – 2011                         Professor of Oral Rehabilitation Program in UNICOC, Colombia

present                                  Professor of Aesthetics and Implantology in CIAEO

since 2015                             Scientific Director of Beauty Smile, Bogota, Colombia

Competences                      n.n.

Memberships                      Founder and Director of CIAEO (Centro Ibero-Americano de Altos                                                                 Estudios Odontologicos), Colombia

                                               Master of ICOI, Colombian Ambassador for ICOI since 2010

                                               Member of ACP, 2007 – 2015 Board Member of ACP

                                               Member of Board directors of ACO 2004 – 2013

                                                President of SIODE

Publications                        n.n.

Events                                    Founder and Director of Curso Intensivo Internacional de Implantologia Oral

Lecturers                               international and national Speaker

Cases                                      n.n.