Licensure & Board Exams

Licensure & Board Exams

Claudia C. Cotca

Personal Information

 Name : Claudia C. Cotca

Address: 5454 Wisconsin Ave, Suite 1050, Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Country: USA

Phone: 001 202.657.9735



Troy High School 1993

Eastman Dental Institute, London United Kingdom, Externship 1996

University of Michigan 1997

B.S- Chemistry Degree & Major

B.S- Cellular Molecular Biology- Major

University of Michigan School of Public Health 2000

M.P.H. -Toxicology

University of Michigan School of Dentistry 2004

D.D.S. −Doctor of Dental Surgery

Law School Acceptance- Multiple USA Law Schools- Deferred

Licensure & Board Exams

Northeast Regional Dental Board 2004

Board of Dentistry District of Columbia 2004-2015

Board of Dentistry Maryland 2004-Present

Board of Dentistry Pennsylvania


Private Practice & Professional Experience

Washington DC –Aesthetic Restorative Prosthodontics in GP 2004- 2012

Chevy Chase, MD- Aesthetic Restorative Prosthodontics in GP 2012-Present

Washington Institute For Dentistry & Laser Surgery 2004-Present

Founder, Dental Director, Aesthetic Restorative Dentist

WIDT Think Tank, Founder & President 2004- 2016

C3 Think Tank, Founder & President 2004-Present

Washington DC- Catholic Community Services

Clinical Director Non-Profit Private Dental Clinic 2006

Gifford Krass Intellectual Property Law Firm, IP Law Clerk

Major Clinical Treatment Research Interests

Interdisciplinary Oral & Systemic Health Profiles

Optical Physics, Lasers & Technology (+Wavelengths)

Restorative Ceramics & Biomaterials

Prosthodontics, Periodontics, Occlusion

Oral Medicine & Systemic Conditions Oral Therapeutics

Oral Rehabilitation Secondary to Radiation & Chemotherapy & other Clinical Toxicity Profiles

Sleep Dysfunction, Occlusion & TMJ, Sports Dentistry (Custom Orthotics)

Clinical Protocol Development: Advanced Oral Systemic Clinical Protocols

Product Development

Public Health Policy & 360 Healthcare

Board Appointments & Other Appointments

2006- 2012 American Academy of Oral Medicine Board of Trustees
Congressional Spokesperson
Chairwoman, Congressional Affairs Committee
Chairwoman, Publicity Committee
Committee, Education: Annual Session
2009 AAOM FDI Liaison Singapore
2009 Annual Session, Lecture: Legislative Update AAOM Activity on Capitol Hill
1999-2004 Board of Appeals, University of Michigan, Office of Student Conflict Resolutions
2001-2004 Board of Disability Subcommittee, University of Michigan, School of Dentistry
2005-2007 Legislative Grassroots Network, American Student Dental Association
2006 National Arthritis Foundation, National Gala Committee
2007- 2013 Second Chance Employment Services, Executive Committee
2006- Present DC Chamber of Commerce, Health & Wellness Committee
2007 Muscular Dystrophy Association, National Gala Committee
2007- Present American Dental Association Standards Committee on Dental Products (ANSI)
2007- Present USA Delegate to the International Standardization Organization
2008-2010 American Red Cross, Oscar Night Gala Committee, Red Club Member
2009- Present Washington Intergovernmental Group
2009 FDI House of Delegates, AAOM Liaison
2010-2012 American Diabetes Association, DC Metro Board of Directors
2010 Capitol Speakers Club, Chapter 1 Board
2011-Present Legislative Committee, Academy of Laser Dentistry
2011-2015 Maimonides Dental Society, Executive Committee
2013-2014 Academy of General Dentistry, DC Chapter, Executive Committee
2014-Present American Society of Prosthodontists- Membership Committee
2014-2015 Maimonides Dental Society- Treasurer
2014-Present US Delegate to the International Organization for Standardization
2015-Present Pierre Fauchard Academy DC- Section Chair
2017-Present Case Reports In Dentistry, Reviewer
2017-Present Author In Webmd, Medscape, Reviewer
2018-Present American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics Graduate Poster Sessions Judge

Honors and Awards

2007- Present District of Columbia Award for 50 CE or more Annually

2012 American Academy of Oral Medicine –Fellowship Award

2015 International College of Prosthodontists –Associate Membership Award

2015 Pierre Fauchard Academy –Fellowship Award

2016 International College of Dentists –Fellowship Award

2017 American Academy of Fixed Prosthodontics –Fellowship Awar

Legislative Activity

2002-Present Spokesperson & Dental Expert on Capitol Hill on Oral Health Policy/ Meet & Greets

with US Congress Members, expert bill language contributions and expert opinion

2001-2002 ADA Congressional Office Policy Extern

Lobbied & Provided Strategy on Oral Health Policy & Bill Language

Worked with Capitol Hill for Patient’s Bill of Rights & Other ADA Bills

˝ Claudia C Cotca, DDS, MPH 2019 9

Non-Voting Member of the ADPAC Committee

Collaborated with HHS, Governmental & Partners of ADA such as ADEA

Networked with Interest Groups on Oral Health & Policy

2001-2003 ADA Legislative Grassroots Network Committee Member

Attended Capitol Hill Meetings & Hearings, provided feedback on congressional bill language

Lobbied on Capital Hill for Student Loan Protection

2007 United States Congress, SCES, White House Press Conference on Domestic Violence Dental


2010 United States Congress, SCES, White House Press Conference on Domestic Violence Dental


2012 United States Congress, SCES, Testified before Congress on Dental Trauma and Domestic


2003-2004 Lobbying with ADA & Served as Consultant on Oral Health Policy

2006-2013 American Academy of Oral Medicine

Chair & Founder, Congressional Affairs Committee

Capitol Hill Spokesperson for American Academy of Oral Medicine

Enlisted & Directed the AAOM as coalition sponsor of Tobacco Free Kids Bill

Represented AAOM & C3 TT in the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act

Provided bill language & input on the Tobacco Free Kids Bill and Program Development under


Enlisted & Directed AAOM on the Methamphetamine Bills

Represented the AAOM in the ADA’s Meth Mouth Prevention and Community Recovery Act

2018 Testified before United State Congress House of Representative Opioid Bill Laser Protocols


C.C. Cotca, J.A.Ship, Electrolyte Analysis of Stimulated and Unstimulated Salivary Gland in

3D Contralateral Sparing Salivary Gland Study Protocol — Chemistry Honors

Thesis, 1994-1997

2nd Oral Medicine Workshop-Editing Contributions 1995, American Dental Association.

Brown RS, McIntosh CL, Cotca CC, Glascoe AL, Dental Management of a kidney transplant

patient. Dent Totay. 2012. Jul:31(7):74-6;quiz 78-9.

CC Cotca, EM Ghezzi, M.P Beyramian, PS Dixit, ML Goodson, SCS Pai, EM Rosier, K

Shimoyama and JA Ship. Comparison of Parotid and Submandibular Gland Function in

Response to an Anticholinergic Drug. 1999 Vancouver IADS/AADR/CADR.

M.P Beyramian. EM Ghezzi, CC Cotca, PS DIXIT, ML Goodson, SCS Pai, EM Rosier, K

Shimoyama and JA Ship. Variability of Stimulated Parotid and Submandibular Flow

Rates in Healthy Young and Older Adults. 1999 Vancouver IADS/AADR/CADR.

E.M Ghezzi, M.P Beyramian. CC Cotca, PS DIXIT, ML Goodson, SCS Pai, EM Rosier, K

Shimoyama and JA Ship. Effects of Glycopyrrolate on Salivary Gland Function in

Healthy Young and Old Adults. 1999 Vancouver IADS/AADR/CADR.

ML Goodson, E.M Ghezzi, M.P Beyramian. CC Cotca, PS DIXIT, SCS Pai, EM Rosier, K

Shimoyama and JA Ship. Objective & Subjective Measures of Drug –Induced Salivary

Hypofunction in Young and Older Subjects. 1999 Vancouver IADS/AADR/CADR.

SCS Pai,, E.M Ghezzi, M.P Beyramian. CC Cotca, ML Goodson, EM Rosier, K Shimoyama and

JA Ship. Reliability and Validity of a Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) as a Subjective

Measure of Xerostomia. 1999 Vancouver IADS/AADR/CADR.

PS Dixit, E.M Ghezzi, M.P Beyramian. CC Cotca, ML Goodson, SCS Pai,, EM Rosier, K

Shimoyama and JA Ship. Xerostomic Measures of an Anticholinergic Drug in Healthy

Young vs. Older Adults. 1999 Vancouver IADS/AADR/CADR.

˝ Claudia C Cotca, DDS, MPH 2019 14

CC Cotca, Clues in the Oral Cavity: Are You Missing the Diagnosis? Oral Medicine Slide


Since 2001 she has been involved in federal legislation and represented among others American Dental Association and American Academy of Oral Medicine as Spokesperson and Dental Expert on Capitol Hill, testified before United States Congress, and has appeared on national networks including Sirius XM Doctor’s Radio, ABC News, and NBC News as Dentist & Toxicologist Health Expert.

She serves as Editor and Reviewer in various journals and is Fellow of the American Academy of Oral Medicine, International College of Dentists, Pierre Fauchard Academy and is a member of the International College of Prosthodontists.