Dr. Ayse Beril Balcı

Personal Information

Name: Ayse Beril Balcı

Address: Sokolov 57, Ramat HaSharon, Israel

Nationality: Turkish

Date of Birth: 10.08.1975, İzmir, Turkey

Phone: +972 66640 33  +90 532 6413341

E-Mail: beril_balci@hotmail.com

Languages: English/German/Italian/Hebrew

Education and training

1993-1998: Ege University, School of Dentistry 

1990-1993: Bornova Anatolian High School İzmir

1987-1990: American College Institute 1987- 1990

Professional Life


Current Responsibility

Owner of IDEM Dental Training & Consultancy

Dental trainings to new comers in dental market
Dealer sales rep trainings and field coaching
Lectures and round tables to dental professionals
Hands-on courses on procedures and new products to dental professionals
Dental translations ( brochures, leaflets, IFUs, websites, presentations, scientific studies )
Opinion Leader management
Dental school activities

April 2012– July 2016

3M Oral Care, İstanbul
Senior Scientific Marketing &Education Specialist

Job Description: To promote dental products in 3M Oral Care portfolio trough seminars, congresses, workshops at Government Oral Care Centers and dental schools. To bring dealers and dealer agents to a high level of awareness and knowledge through trainings and field coaching. To handle complaints and troubleshooting issues by using self expertise and company resources. To make technical and scientific translations to local language. Define opinon leaders and associations and cooperate with them by making scientific lectures .Organize joint scientific events with organizations like Turkish Dental Association, EDAD, etc and private training companies. Improving or developing relations with third parties and joints events with leading dental companies. Running student projects at dental schools. Preparing folders and technical documents during the launch phase of new or improved products. Prepare technical specifications for tenders. At the pre launch phase, prepare VOC folders, initiate product testings among selected consultant dentists, collect feedback and materials to be used at launch period and do the follow up.

Jan 2003 – April 2012

3M Oral Care ,Istanbul
Senior PS Coordinator

Apr 2002 – Jan 2003

German Hospital, İstanbul

Feb 2001 – Jan 2002

Private Dental Clinic, İzmir

Jan 1999 – Feb 2001

Boyut Dental Radiology Center, İzmir
Consultant Dentist and Coordinator