Dr. Tang Chunbo

Personal Information

Name:  Tang Chunbo

Country:  China

Languages:  Chinese / English


Education and training

1984 – 1989

B.S. in Stomatology, Nanjing Medical UniversityDMD

1999 – 2002

M.S. in Oral Clinical Medicine, Jilin University

2006 – 2009

Ph.D. in Oral Clinical Medicine, Nanjing Medical University

Professional Life


1989 – 1995

Resident Physician, Department of Prosthodontics, Stomatological Hospital Affiliated Nanjing University

1995 – 1996

Making an advanced study in College of Stomatology, West China University of Medical Science

1995 – 1999

Teaching Assistant, Physician-in-charge, Department of Implant Center, Stomatological Hospital Affiliated Nanjing University

2003 – 2008

Lecturer, Associate Chief Physician, Department of Implant Center, Stomatological Hospital Affiliated Nanjing University

2008 -2009

Visiting scholar, Division of Advanced Prosthodontics, Biomaterials, and Hospital Dentistry, UCLA School of Dentistry, USA

2009 – 2011

Lecturer, Chief Physician, Vice Director, Department of Implant Center, Stomatological Hospital Affiliated Nanjing Medical University

2012 – present

Associate Professor, Vice Director, Department of Oral Implantology, Stomatological Hospital Affiliated Nanjing Medical University


  • Oral Implantology
  • Prosthodontics


  • Standing Committee of chinese Association for oral and plastic surgery
  • International team of Implantology


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Teaching Course for students in Removable Partial Dentures, Fixed Partial Dentures, Oral Implantology